“I was in such a great tummy pain that I needed 5 shots of morphine pain killer in the emergency. Dr. Chai came to examined me and acted very fast. He told me that I had Acute Abdomen and my bowel was looking ill in the CT scan that caused me such great pain. I had to undergo surgery fast. So, I agreed even though my insurance had not approved. Luckily I had the my surgery fast. My bowel was twisted inside my tummy and turning blue. If there is a little more delay, my bowel might be dead and I will be doomed.

Dr. Chai did my surgery with just 3 keyholes. Using his skills and technology, he released the twist and save my bowel. And he examined my other internal organs to make sure they are alright. By the first day after surgery, I was already drinking fluid and walking around. Such a relieve to have only minimal pain and know that I am safe now.”

– VYL –

Dr. Chai saved me!