Welcome to Borneo Surgery!

Borneo Surgery is affiliated with Jesselton Medical Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Together, we provide the highest quality and comprehensive patient care for a broad spectrum of surgical conditions, both common and rare, by using latest minimally invasive technology!

Our Consultant Surgeon have been trained in both traditional and minimally invasive surgery, including Minilaparoscopy that uses 3mm diameter instruments and high definition videoscope, to perform surgery which only leaves small pinhole wound on patient.

With these technology advances, not only we are able to perform more advances surgery with less pain and scarring, smaller wound and lesser tissue damage will also benefit our patients with lesser wound infection, faster recovery and earlier return to daily living activities!

Additionally, our Consultant Surgeon also specializes in gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy. By using our state of the art technology and technique, we are able to perform basic and complex advanced endoscopic procedures (i.e. to stop GI bleeding, to relieve GI tumour blockade, to insert gastric tube [PEG]) in a safe and effective manner.

Due to dramatically increased patient knowledge from widely available resources, patients nowadays are demanding for the most cutting edge care. The least invasive techniques with minimal scar and downtime, with the same or better result than conventional surgery is the best suited option. They deserve that.

The standard of care had been set at a new level now. We will continuously deliver this higher level of care and vowed to exceed it. We will care for the patient as a whole person with our unmatched expertise, passion, professionalism, communication and teamwork. We look forward to care for you!


“I was in such a great tummy pain that I needed 5 shots of morphine pain killer in the emergency. Dr. Chai came to examined me and acted very fast. He told me that I had Acute Abdomen and my bowel was looking ill in the CT scan that caused me such great pain. I had to undergo surgery fast. So, I agreed even though my insurance had not approved. Luckily I had the my surgery fast. My bowel was twisted inside my tummy and turning blue. If there is a little more delay, my bowel might be dead and I will be doomed.

Dr. Chai did my surgery with just 3 keyholes. Using his skills and technology, he released the twist and save my bowel. And he examined my other internal organs to make sure they are alright. By the first day after surgery, I was already drinking fluid and walking around. Such a relieve to have only minimal pain and know that I am safe now.”

– VYL –

Dr. Chai saved me!

“My minilaparoscopic gallbladder removal was almost painless despite its just 3 hours after the surgery! I could eat, sit, walk and do most of my usual chores in the afternoon of the surgery. My recovery was unbelievably fast!”

– from Tenom

Unbelievably painless and fast recovery!